Vision & Mission


Our Mission Statement

To be a World Class Steel Mill achieving TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and enhancing SHAREHOLDERS’ VALUE through continues improvement, innovation and new technology operational excellence supported by continues human resource development.

Corporate Mission

To be a world class steel group committed to provide quality products and services to our customers, share our success with our employees and enhance our shareholders' investment.

Corporate Philosophy

To accomplish our mission, we are committed to uphold integrity, competence and teamwork as the way we do our business, We also believe in being innovative, technology driven and socially responsible in our quest for excellence.

Corporate Values

Customer focus : The customer is the epicenter of our business activities. We conduct our businesses with :



We practice integrity and fairness with our customers, employees, suppliers and business associates.



We raise employees’ capability to deliver products and services of the highest quality.



We foster teamwork, unit of purpose and mutual trust in our pursuit of prosperity for all.


We create a congenial work environment which encourages creativity and innovation.


We utilise appropriate technology in our continuous quest for excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work towards being a good and responsible corporate citizen by incorporating social responsibilities into our business activities.