Southern PC Steel Sdn. Bhd. (55573 - U)

The company was established in 1980 as a subsidiary of BHP Billiton from Australia and later has changed the ownership under the Berjaya Group. In 1993 itbecame part of Southern Steel Group and renamed as Southern PC Steel Sdn Bhd.

It was the pioneer for sales and manufacturing of the Prestressed Concrete Products in this region like PC Strand, PC Wire and PC Bar. SPC is recognized as the market leader both locally and globally since its establishment. Currently more than 50% of the products are exported to various countries, such as USA, ASEAN region, Australia, Europe and many other developing markets

Southern PC Steel Sdn Bhd's PC strand and wire products are manufactured under stringent quality management control procedures and in compliance with international standards and specifications. The company has obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and other product certifications.